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Customize exceptional products, store them with us and we'll ship them where they need to go, automatically.

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Create products worth keeping forever
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We believe in creating memorable products that stand the test of time. That's why we exclusively work with high quality inks and premium fabrics.

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From production to delivery

After we print your products we can be as involved as you'd like. Post production services include storage, fulfillment and shipping.

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Pick your apparel, apply your design and your product is ready for order.

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We put quality above all else

We have the highest of standards when it comes to manufacturing. We offer name brand apparel made of premium fabrics and use top quality discharge and water based inks for retail quality print results.

What our customers say

We’ve been an extremely happy INK'A customer. INK'A provides us with a great dashboard that makes inventory tracking and reordering incredibly easy. The customer support and fulfillment has been nothing short of spectacular.

What our customers say

At developer conferences where we have INK'A shirts, we consistently get not just compliments, but have one or two people asking specifically for the name of our vendor. The service from Frank has always been great, and while we haven’t used the fulfilment API yet, knowing we can automate some processes in the future is exciting.

What our customers say

We use INK'A for all our purchases. The process has been really intuitive and the team has been great to work with. Great feedback on the quality of the clothes too!

A word from our founder

"The Inkas were a highly developed civilization that placed a premium on technology and art. And like them, we do too. We combine craftsmanship and easy to use digital solutions so that brands never have to worry about all the details that go into creating apparel online. It is our sincere pleasure to manage everything that happens behind the scenes."

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